20 Years Of ‘The Matrix’: 5 Times Bollywood Got Inspired By It

It has been two decades since The Wachowskis (Lilly and Lana) redefined films with their distinct vision and slick and innovative action sequences that makes for The Matrix (1999).

The green-toned, dystopian, futuristic, sci-fi film is a timeless classic, and ever since the first installment came out, on this day 20 years ago, the landscape of world cinema has dared not to remain the tedious same. Be it The Matrix’s philosophy, its costumes, concept, characters, cinematography, VFX, design, dialogues or style, it has remained a fulcrum of popular discussion and a treasured template for all-things-action.

Taking cue from the legend of The Matrix, Bollywood, too, has tried its hand at recreating some of the iconic scenes from the movie that, put simply, heralded a new era of filmmaking. It would be kind to term these rip-offs a tribute and not a second-grade copy, as no movie since, or can ever create such a lustrous impact on cinegoers.

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