54 reasons why Shah Rukh Khan will ALWAYS hold a special place in our hearts

The eternal charmer, Shah Rukh Khan, can make any fan go weak in the knees, and all he needs to do is smile and spread his arms. As rightly said, he is the King Of Romance who’s not only taught us how to believe in friendship and love through his films but is also a gem of a person who exactly knows how to cast a spell on us fans. I mean, whether it’s the way how he smiles flaunting his dimples or simply acknowledges his fandom through adorable little tweets on Twitter, Shah Rukh despite being such a big superstar is one of those few who can never stop being a charmer that he is. So on the occasion of his 54th birthday today, we at BollywoodLife decided to compile 54 reasons why we are obsessed with Shah Rukh Khan since the time he’s entered Bollywood. Here you go…

Shah Rukh Khan, Naam toh suna hi hoga?-The king of romance needs no introduction, his name says it all, doesn’ t it?

“I love being recognized”: Shah Rukh Khan has become a king of Bollywood strictly on his own terms. With no godfathers to support him, the struggle hasn’t been easy for the actor.

“Failure makes you humble”- After having achieved a king sized life, SRK continues to maintain a humble front with the media and his fans. No starry attitude there!

Fauji- Since his first on-screen role in Fauji, SRK has ruled the hearts of many through the years. His dashing looks in the army uniform is still fondly reminisced about.

“AbRam is beautiful”- SRK’s bond with AbRam comes across really special in so many different ways. Whether it’s the way how he just cannot stop gushing about his little one or the mere fact that he cannot live without AbRam, SRK and AbRam’s relationship indeed can easily be referred to as the most beautiful, most pure one…

Daddy cool:Loving and highly protective, now that’s Shah Rukh Khan – the doting daddy for you. Although he wouldn’t chase his kids Aryan and Suhana everywhere or stalk them on social media but he’ll make sure no one messes with their happiness. Break into his Twitter or just read his interviews and you will know what we’re trying to say.

“Haar ke jeetne waale ko Baazigar kehte hai”– Though SRK is known as the king of romance, his villainous role in Baazigar is one of the most iconic ones till date. We love the dark side of this happy actor!

“I love you K K K K…Kiran”-When it comes to romancing leading ladies of B-town, SRK is above all.

“Rahul…naam toh suna hoga”- Where Amitabh Bachchan is associated with the name Vijay and Salman Khan with Prem, we love how SRK’s on-screen name Rahul has stuck for several years

“Thx is due to Gauri, for 32 yrs or Patience Perseverance Forgiveness love & 3 beautiful kids”- He may have swept many actresses off their feet in his films, but his love story with Gauri Khan has been the most cherished one by his fans. The actor tweeted the same above on their 24th wedding anniversary.

“Whenever I fail as a father, a toy always works,”– SRK’s brawl at Wankhede Stadium may have landed him in a major controversy; it nonetheless speaks volumes of his profound love for kids Suhana and Aryan.

“Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein, hoti rehti hain”– SRK will be cherished for many years to come, courtesy his stint as Raj in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge which is one of the most iconic love stories Bollywood has ever seen.

“Kajol is a lot like me; she only takes up something when she is really happy doing it, which is a fantastic space to be in.”- SRK has romanced many actresses on screen but his pairing with Kajol has been a favourite of many through the years.

“70 minute hain tumhare paas”– SRK has been loved for his role as coach in the sensational hit Chak De India. The actor’s morale boosting speech at the end of the film has been memorized by many of his die-hard fans!

“ You know Karan (Johar),my chances of waking up next to you are more than waking up as you,”– When together, SRK and Karan Johar are on FIRE! The two’s bromance can beat that of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor!

With arms wide open– Shah Rukh’s patent arm spreading pose has become his most popular style, which is mimicked by all the artists out there!

When dimples do the talking -From a 6 six year old toddler to a 60 year old daadi, the actor’s dimples have won the hearts of several women across the nation.

Khan ishtyle- Mr Khan exudes charm in whatever he wears be it a formal suit and tie or a casual tee with blue denims.

Khan ismile- Though his dimples do all the talking, Shah Rukh’s smile certainly lights up the room like no one else.

A fan of his fans– Each year, the actor oh his birthday and during Eid, is seen waving out to his fans outside his Bungalow Mannat, and has never missed doing the same.

Burying the hatchet – SRK’s has often been in the limelight for his supposed “cold war” with Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. But he has long buried the hatchet with him and has even played a cameo in Salman’s film Tubelight. We don’t need to remind you of their funny shenanigans on episodes of Bigg Boss.

All work, no play- SRK is known to be one of the hardest working stars in B-town. His will power, humility and dedication make him the most loved celebs of all times.

Charity begins at SRK– Shah Rukh Khan is associated with varied charitable organizations but doesn’t like to make a big show of the same.

A global name- Not only is SRK the most popular star in B-town but represents India on a global platform as well. Be it America or Australia, King Khan is well known all over!

DDLJ:The fact that this movie is still playing in a theatre in Mumbai, says it all.

Khan Khan everywhere– SRK has always made it a point to let the nation know about his upcoming films. Be it Dilwale, Raees or Fan, the audience will surely remember the promotions as much as his films!

Kaun Banega Crorepati– SRK did a splendid job at hosting KBC and we bet it wasn’t easy for him to step into Amitabh Bachchan’s shoes. Kudos to the actor!

Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re- Apart from doing films, the megastar owned and operated the team Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League. King Khan’s motivation helped the team win IPL as well. And how can forget that awesome moment when SRK made his son AbRam dance during one of the matches!

Living with a Superstar- Where most celebs are private about their lives, SRK went all out and allowed TLC to make a show titled Living with a Superstar based on his daily routine, which showcased his grand mansion Mannat.

Bend it like SRK- The baadshah of B-town is a die hard football enthusiast and is good at the sport as well.

Seal with a kiss- We love how Mr Khan always greets his fans with flying kisses! Sweet isn’t it?

Bookworm- Shah Rukh loves his books and the same makes him one of the most well-read celebs in B-town.

Apple of our eye- SRK’s Adam’s apple is considered one of his sexiest assets. Notice how it goes up and down when king Khan speaks!

The Sound of SRK– Shah Rukh’s hoarse and deep voice is adored by many. And when backed with that Adam’s apple, one could guess the results!

Insha’Allah- SRK is deeply religious and a firm believer in God. We love how he says “Insha’Allah” after most of his sentences.

Twitter love- King Khan makes it a point to stay in touch with his fans. He is often seen posting portraits of himself on Twitter which have been sketched by his followers!

King of philosophy- Not only is SRK the king of B-town but philosophy as well. Some of his tweets speak volumes of his intellect and emotional intelligence.

Well ‘train’-ed: If one associates trains with Bollywood, SRK is the first name which comes to mind. Be it his dancing stint on top of the train in Chaiyya Chaiyya , or his iconic sequence with Kajol in DDLJ, SRK’s fixation with trains has certainly worked in his favour!

Forgive and forget- Even if SRK has been in the limelight for his supposed tiffs with others, the actor likes to forgive and forget. That’s is greatest quality.

Man with a uniform – SRK has played an army officer in Main Hoon Na and Jab Tak Hai Jaan, followed by his Air Force officer role in Veer- Zara. Can you think of an actor who looks better in a uniform?

The gyaan guru– SRK is known to be a great adviser to many new comers in B-town. With an experienced actor like him, who better to seek blessings from than the Baadshah of cinema himself!

Pack up– SRK’s 6 pack abs in Om Shanti Om had created a stir and the actor was seen repeating the same in his latest hit Happy New Year, this time with 8 pack abs. With that drool worthy bod, one is bound to love him!

In his prayers– We love how SRK openly talks about the fond memories he has had with his parents.

Top of the charts– SRK’s films have always managed to bust the box office charts be it Chennai Express,or his release Happy New Year. We bet the next Rohit Shetty film Dilwale will break all records for sure!

Sher-0-Shayari- Shah Rukh certainly has a way with his words. He is often seen flooring us all with his fluent shayaris. Irshaad Mr Khan!

The market in his pocket– SRK has been seen endorsing major brands through the years. With a prestigious market value attached to his name, the actor has been successful in influencing masses to a great extent and rightfully so!

“I am like a Rolls Royce, I can run without an engine, purely on reputation,”- This particular quote by SRK aptly highlights his witty and humorous nature, which his adored by the nation.

From Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to Dilwale- We simply can’t wait to see SRK and Kajol on the big screen once again. From DDLJ to Dilwale, SRK has come a long way and we still want them to star in more movies. Can every movie not star SRK-Kajol? Please?

Ideal boyfriend, husband, lover- Every woman from 8 to 80 wants a man like SRK to woo her, care for her, romance her, make her feel oh…so…special! So, all you guys out there, if you really want to charm a lady or remain in the good books of your ladylove from here to eternity, then, just do it like SRK!.

From a chawl to Mannat- Shah Rukh’s struggles and journey from relatively nothing to the Baadshah of Bollywodo are well known, but do you know that there was a time when Gauri and him were living in nothing more than a hut. It’s an inspiration for us all to see how our idol went from that shanty to one of the biggest, grandest homes on this planet.

Arch it like SRK – For those who haven’t noticed, Shah Rukh’s eyebrows get arched whenever he pulls off an emotional or crying scene in his films. Who knew the nation loves that as well!

His scent: Ask the lucky ones who have ever met SRK closely. He smells so damn good that it can make your heart skip a beat. Women love men who smell good, and the actor is certainly an inspiration for all males out there in that matter. In an interview, he has said that he mixes a couple of mists and perfumes to get his trademark scent, though he didn’t reveal the names or the brands.

Interviews that are as entertaining as his movies –SRK gives the best interviews in the world. If you didn’t already know that, then check them out.

Badhshah crosses 54- With having completed half a century in his life innings, this is just the beginning for the birthday boy. There ain’t no stopping him when he gets going, amirite?

On that note, once again here’s wishing a Happiest Birthday to Shah Rukh Khan. Keep giving us more and more such reasons to love you coz trust me, there’s no love like loving you.

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