A Handwritten Letter Written By Drake To His Mother Up for Auction

A note penned by rapper Drake to his mother has gone up for sale for $7,500.

The note, taken from the Hotline Bling hitmaker’s old lyric book, features a young Drake promising to clean his room when he comes home, reported TMZ.

On the back of the note is a short biography of Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham. He wrote about himself, his music influences, hobbies and talents, as well as a sweet shoutout to his father.

Drake’s old lyric book was found in a dumpster near his grandfather’s old furniture factory in Toronto, where the 32-year-old musician used to work.

Drake recently used some of his extra money to make the day of two McDonald’s employees, as he handed USD 10,000 to the female staff members of the fast food chain in Los Angeles.

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