All 4 Game Of Thrones Supporting Actress Nominees Lost In A Big Shock

Ahead of the 71st Primetime Emmys, much ado was had over how many awards Game of Thrones would win after its record-setting nominations. It seemed like some of awards would be certain wins, especially those like Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, where multiple Game of Thrones nominees were present. Yet, when that particular award came up and the world waited to see which GoT actress got the win, Ozark‘s Julia Garner was the one whose name was called.

Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Gwendoline Christie, and Lena Headey didn’t need to be very shocked, because the world was shocked for them. The Game of Thrones actresses occupied 2/3rd’s of the nominations, and yet it was Julia Garner, one of the two actresses not affiliated with the fantasy drama ended up winning the award. What exactly happened that led to this moment?

We can only speculate of course, but it’s completely possible this is a situation of “too many cooks” being in the nomination count. There were so many Game of Thrones actresses to choose from, voters may have been torn on which actress deserved the award over the others, splitting those votes and allowing an outsider to rise up. It could certainly be the case that all the voters were in Garner’s corner from the start, but it’s not quite as likely.

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