April Fool’s Day 2019: 8 Bollywood Films that Made A Real Fool Out of Us

Like the passing of day and night, our association with the movies, and its stars, is perpetual. When we are not at the movies, we like talking about them, rejoicing them or are subconsciously under the impression of them, each in our own personal way (star posters, film wallpapers, stars’ social media handles, fan clubs, film and fashion merchandise etc).

So much for the appreciation of the movies. We can now turn our attention to the bad ones and just saying, there are certainly films, and a unhealthy lot of them, that defy logic. The ones that are packaged deftly with glamour, action and stars, never mind their content, that it becomes almost impossible not to take the bait.

As such, what ends up getting on our plate is something that we thought we bought tickets to, until we realise otherwise, and in the midst of the theatre noise, an empty can of soda beside us, we are left wondering, going further, whether to judge a film by its stars or not?

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