Bigg Boss 12, 10 November, Day 55 written updates: Preity Zinta shares stage with Salman Khan

Having fought for captaincy almost every week, Karanvir finally got the power in his hands by winning the title of the ‘Fizz Captain’ on the episode that saw Preity Zinta reunite with longtime co-star and host of Bigg Boss 12, Salman Khan.

To everyone’s surprise, Bigg Boss, never short of adding various twists to the show, announced a very difficult task. The four nominated contestants, Somi, Surbhi, Romil and Deepak, were given a chance to release their frustration by nominating a contestant who they thought was fit to be in their place for this week’s evictions. The nominated contestants had to be dunked in Ice Cold water, cow dung, flour and rotten tomatoes. Srishty, Shivashish, Jasleen and Rohit, much to their dismay, were the ones to bathe in the given ingredients.

The week gone by was not an easy one. Various arguments, strained relationships, the worst being a major rift between Surbhi and Romil, surprised every person in the house. Salman Khan later took to questioning Deepak and Surbhi on their behaviour during the week and the comments they passed on Jasleen’s character. Salman asked Deepak who gave him the right to make personal comments about someone’s private life. He said what Deepak did was character assassination and that is worse than insulting someone. He also slammed Surbhi for supporting Deepak. He praised Romil for trying to end the topic and not let it move ahead. Jasleen revealed that Surbhi and everyone else were taunting her over the fact that Anup Jalota had ditched her. Surbhi said she admitted her mistake and apologised to Jasleen. Deepak also apologised and both promised that such a thing will not happen again.