Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar promo: Salman Khan announces finale week will be held next week, only four contestants to go forward

Next, Salman announced the major twist for the season. He asked the contestants to guess when the finale week would be held. The participants made a guess that it could be first week of January. Salman then told them, “Aapko aisa lagta hai. Ab scene paltega. Apko lagta hai, January me hoga finale week lekin ye January me nahi, agle hafte hoga. Aage sirf chaar log jaenge. (You think so. Now, the scene will change. You believe the finale week be in January but it will actually be next week. Only four people will go forward in the game.).” The announcement left every contestant shocked.

Salman’s reality show Bigg Boss 14 began early October and has been impressing audiences and fans ever since. The show that normally airs for three months (90 days), is now likely to end sooner. It could be a trick statement and the show may extend for some more time, with finale contestants alone.

In the past, Bigg Boss was once extended for another month and ended in February, instead of the usual January finale celebrations.

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