Bigg Boss will always be bad news for television. Here’s why

Indian television has produced a lot of senseless shows in the past, and continues to do so. But it achieved a new low in 2006 when it decided to adapt the UK-based reality show Big Brother for the Indian audience. Called Bigg Boss (how original!), this new reality show first premiered on SonyEntertainment Television. While the show has been hosted by Arshad Warsi, Shilpa Shetty, Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt, the most popular bhai of the country aka Salman Khan has been the longest-running host.

Now, why do I hold a grudge against the show, you ask? Bhai hosts it, the audience loves it, there’s lots of drama – what is not there to love? Well, a number of things.

Bigg Boss is a dangerous, dangerous show

For starters, it is a show that thrives on making people miserable. It is, by nature, a dangerous show that revels in entertaining the viewers by making its contestants participate in inane exercises. And the contestants plot, plan, employ cheap strategies to make sure that they win these exercises, appropriately called ‘tasks’. Who does that? The makers of Bigg Boss.

The reality show does not qualify as entertainment

Not in my dictionary, at least. The show’s entire concept is hinged on making people indulge in useless tactics to survive something that will ultimately not bring them any fame. Previous winners like Shweta TiwariUrvashi Dholakia and Gauahar Khan were already big in the TV industry before they decided to lose their peace of mind by joining the Bigg Boss bandwagon. And why is abusing people and annoying the living lights out of each other entertaining for anyone, anyway?

Salman Khan is supposed to be a host, not a judge

The actor just doesn’t understand the concept of a host. The host entertains by being witty and reporting about what happens inside the Bigg Boss house. But Salman bores everyone with his tired jokes, in fact, he looks exhausted while delivering those jokes. And yes, he also doubles as a judge of the show by taking sides and ganging up against contestants, and all of this is completely dictated by his whims. For instance, Salman was always against Season 7’s Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon, and he had been especially kind to Shilpa Shinde in Season 11.

The show has the capacity to adversely affect your health

It truly and honestly can. When you see people fighting over silly things, and not just fighting, abusing each other mercilessly on national television, it makes you wonder about the state of their minds. And that introspection is never healthy. And there are moments when you want to throw something at your TV set, because who can stand people being unreasonable ALL THE TIME? Exactly, no one.

Bigg Boss does not promote talent or happiness. It makes people desperate and upset. It makes them mad about the state of entertainment on Indian television. A bunch of mostly out-of-work actors get together and make each other’s life a living hell for about 100 days. That is the definition of Bigg Boss in a single line. So why are people still obsessed about the show? One of the mysteries of this universe.

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