Congress antithesis of Gandhian thought, Mahatma wanted it disbanded: PM Modi on Dandi March anniversary

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday attacked the Congress, calling its culture an “antithesis of Gandhian thought,” even as the party kicked off its Lok Sabha campaign from PM’s home turf in Gujarat. Marking the anniversary of the Bapu’s 1930 Dandi March, Modi targeted the Congress for putting the “dynasty first”, even though Gandhi ‘despised’ dynastic politics.

In a blog titled ‘When a handful of salt shook an Empire!’, Modi accused the Congress of violating Gandhian principles like – detachment, democracy and equality.

“Gandhi Ji had understood the Congress culture very well, which is why he wanted the Congress disbanded, especially after 1947,” he wrote in the blog.

Modi also referred to the “key role” of Sardar Patel in the planning of the Dandi March. “The organisational man that he was, Sardar Patel planned every minute aspect of the Dandi March, down to the last detail,” he added.

Quoting Gandhi’s saying that misgovernance and corruption cannot go together, Modi accused the Congress of “filling their own bank accounts and leading luxurious lifestyles.” “We have done everything to punish the corrupt. But, the nation has seen how Congress and corruption have become synonyms. Name the sector and there will be a Congress scam — from defence, telecom, irrigation, sporting events to agriculture, rural development and more,” he wrote.