Credit should go to Karthik Subbaraj for getting the best out of me in every scene, shot

Chennai: Tamil superstar Rajinikanth has expressed “happiness” that Petta is being received warmly by the fans and has credited the director for getting the best out of him.

The superstar, who arrived in Chennai on Thursday after a brief stay in the United States, was addressing reporters at his residence.

“First, I express my new year and Pongal wishes to one and all. I came to know that the movie is liked by everyone. Very happy for that. The credits should go to Sun Pictures (film producer), Karthik Subbaraj (director) and his unit,” Rajinikanth said.

The superstar said as an actor, his utmost priority is that his films should deliver on the expectations of his fans.

“My job is to make them happy. That is very important. I am happy that they are happy. As I said earlier, the credits should go to Karthik Subbaraj. He made sure that he got the best from me in every shot, every scene.”

Petta hit screens worldwide amid much fanfare Thursday with two couples choosing the occasion to tie the knot.
Elated fans danced to drumbeats and poured milk on huge cuts-out of the 69-year-old actor outside theatres across the state, which has become something of a tradition with all Rajinikanth releases.