Deadpool 3 is the only R-Rated MCU movie in development: Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has revealed that beside Deadpool 3, the company has so far no plans to make an R-Rated movie. He also revealed that the movie is in development at the studio.

The idea of a fourth-wall breaking, self-aware, comic-book anti-hero mutant is still fresh and Marvel is continuining with the franchise, though the X-Men franchise will likely see a hard reboot.

While speaking at a Television Critics Association (TCA) panel, Feige talked about the PG-13 rating that every MCU movie has had up until now and whether Deadpool 3 will set a precedent for future R-Rated movies from the studio’s stables.

“We have never been held back by it,” he said, “If we ever are, then certainly there could be a discussion to be had …. but that just hasn’t been the case yet.” Deadpool 3 will bring back Ryan Reynolds as wisecracking, katana-wielding Wade Wilson who was disfigured after a guy promised him an experimental treatment for his cancer. The treatment also gave him near-invulnerability, superhuman strength and healing abilities.

Molyneux sisters, Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin. are writing the screenplay for the movie.

However, the wait is going to be long. The filming will begin in late 2022.

Deadpool movies are considered to be mould-breakers for the superhero genre. Unlike most other comic-book films, they feature lots of swearing, sex and violence due to the nature of the character.

Both movies have been huge box office hits and have also been loved by the critics.

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