Decoding Katrina Kaif’s aged look in Salman Khan’s Bharat

From adding crow’s feet to giving her fuller cheeks, Katrina Kaif’s stylist deconstructs how they achieved her aged look in two hours, for Bharat

Sporting plain sarees and long curly tresses, Katrina Kaif’s on-screen avatar of Kumud Raina in Bharat is possibly one of the most distinct looks in her filmography. While there had been much curiosity around Salman Khan’s five different avatars in the Ali Abbas Zafar-directed period drama, the leading lady too will be seen ageing from the late 20s to the early 60s in the course of the narrative.

De-glamourising an actor known for her stylish on-screen appearances can be a tough ask. But Veera Kapur Ee, Kaif’s stylist for the film, says the actor was enthusiastic about sporting a simple look. “Ali’s brief was that he wanted Katrina to look simple. It wasn’t much of a toil because, in person, she prefers a minimalistic look.”

It took a string of meetings between the actor, director and Kapur to finalise her aged look. “We used prosthetics to show the ageing process. While Katrina sports a chiselled jawline in the younger portions, we made it less defined as the story progressed. In the latter portions, you can see her with fuller cheeks, under-eye wrinkles and grey hair. It would take us about two hours to attain the look. We also conveyed her maturity by the use of different fabrics. In the young portions, she is seen wearing delicate chiffon sarees, and as the character ages, she gravitates towards deep-hued cotton sarees.”

She adds that the team drew inspiration from several Bollywood actors of the ’60s and ’70s. “We watched many old films and looked at images of yesteryear Bollywood actresses, like Nutan. Katrina also loved the idea of having curls. She thought it would create an image different from her previous characters.”

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