Divyanka Tripathi recalls her look test for Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala, says she ‘was looking like an ugly duckling’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Television’s busiest actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya is venturing into the digital space with Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala. The show premiered yesterday, and we saw a new avatar of the actress who plays a chef Nitya Mehra in the series. A few days before the release of her digital series, Tripathi sat down for an exclusive tete-a-tete with BollywoodLife. Dressed in a white off-shoulder suit, she seems to have shed her saree clad on-screen avatar. And the promotional avalanche although is new to the actress, she has absolutely no qualms in doing it. “This show is such that it needs promotions,” Divyanka claims. By ‘such’ she means the show is coming on the digital platform which is heavily loaded with a variety of content, including adult content. Divyanka feels there is hardly any series on the digital platform appropriate to be watched along with the family. “It has saucy romance, yet it’s watchable with family,” Tripathi adds about her series.

In her 13-year-long career, Divyanka has tried to maintain a distance from ‘going bold’. If you have already binge-watched the series or watched the trailer for that matter, there would have been several moments when you couldn’t believe that it was Divyanka, who is best known for playing a character called Ishi Maa. “I was intimidated, I wouldn’t lie. I’m a very shy person as such,” Tripathi replies when asked about playing Nitya. “I’m not used to watching me romance on screen. (And) I’m married. Sometimes you have mental barriers that you only guard up. As an actor I wanted to set some boundaries and work around it. But here, I have pushed my boundaries a bit. (For that) I have prepared my family. But it is always difficult to convince yourself than others, especially when it’s related to body show or intimate scenes.”

Divyanka Tripathi has also gone through a physical transformation for the character, a high rated chef at a posh restaurant. She had to sweat in the gym to become what she looks like these days. However, the decision to hit the gym came due to various reasons. “Vivek (her husband) has always been motivating me to look fitter and better. He has been pushing me,” Divyanka shares. She also reveals that there was a slight indication from the makers’ side as they wanted the character to look and dress a certain way. “After one look test, I realised that I don’t look good in any of those clothes. I was rather looking like an ugly duckling. I wasn’t fitting in any pants.” It was then that Divyanka decided she “wanted to look the best” and she started working hard on herself. “For two months there were no results, at all. I used to call up Vivek and cry. But after a point, it did show.”

In the series which is Pradeep Sarkar’s directorial, we see two ex-lovers coming at a junction of their life when they cannot stand each other, yet cannot leave. Ask Divyanka if a situation like this occurs in her life, where she is compelled to work with her ex what she would do, the actress answers, “I would like to leave and go away from the situation. I would not want to be around my past.” She further explains, “(It) Depends on the past, if it’s bad or good. If the past is good there is a possibility of friendship but if it’s not good, then I would just not want to be in that negative space.”

A few months ago, Divyanka took to her Instagram handle to speak about the rumours that were going around her personal life. Rumours of a friendship falling kaput with Ekta Kapoor, throwing tantrums and such were doing the rounds. And they did affect the actress. “I won’t lie, I do get affected. When you give your 100 percent and still get blamed for anything, it hurts. (On top of that) I’m very sensitive and I do feel bad. That’s why I come out in open and speak about it. If the tantrum stories were true I would have not been a part of Coldd Lassi. I have been working for 13-14 years now, but my makers know what kind of an actor I am. So my actions speak louder than words and that’s what calms me down,” Divyanka concluded.

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