Don’t let the winters eat up your fitness regime

Come winter and the hardest task is to get out of thewarmth of the blanket and go for that run.As soon as temperatures dip, even the most motivated and dedicated fitness enthusiasts start to press thesnooze icon on the mobile clock.If you are struggling to maintain theexercise schedule which you acedat during the summer months,you are not alone.

Dr Anjali Hooda Sanghwan, says, “Winters are a great time to lose weight! The metabolic rate of the body is at its best, the calories we consume are utilised better in the winter.”

She adds, “The best way to stay fit and find motivationin the cold season is to remember that when summer approaches one can look forward to coming out of those heavy clothes to a super fit body that waskept under wraps for the time being. It’s actually the best time to focus on fitness, the good part is youend up sweating less and yet can shed weight too.”

We all would be kidding if we thought it was just as easy to get outside and run in the winter as it is in the summer. Sometimes, it can take more effort to actually get out of the bedthan it does to complete a run itself! But training outside will give you a boost mentally and physically.

As Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach- Integrative Medicine,says, “Daily exercise also gives us a regular dose of endorphins, ahappy hormone, which can go a long way in combating seasonal affective disorder, depression and anxiety, which is real and especially seen in areas where temperatures drop sub-zero. Exercise also helps keep immunity up so you can better fight off the flu, activates circulation which usually slows down and initiates a process of sweating, which is one of the most natural ways to throw toxins out of our body. And of course, it can avoid the winterweight gain, which most people fear about.”

Swapneel Hazare, Strength and Conditioning Coach,Founder – Shield Fitness, says, Unfortunately, during winters people feel it is necessary to spendmost of their time indoors to avoid the cold. On the contrary activities like jogging, walking,running or cycling outside is vital to get you the much-required dose of Vitamin D. This willbuild your immunity and will protect you against any illness caused by the change inweather.”

Though its cold, but it’s time to embrace a strict workout schedule. We are sure these tips would help you.

1. Get the right kit

Though sounds the most banal advice but itwould make a big difference. Gloves and a headband to cover your ears will reduce the risk of catching a cold.

2. Set a goal

Focusing on a goal is the key to keep yourselfmotivated. Create your fitness goals and remember just how you will feel when you complete your kilometers.

3. Find a workout buddy

With friends, everything becomes easier. Even if itmeans running or jogging in the morning. Apart from accountability, you could chatand then enjoy a hot cup of chai after the workout.

4. Make it interesting

“Keep in mind to make your workouts diversified, include body weight/strength training orgrounding practices like Hatha Yoga. You can complement your exercise routine withmassage therapies to balance Vata Dosha,” says Namita Piparaiya, Yoga, and Ayurveda Lifestyle Specialist, Founder – Yoganama

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