‘Don’t try to find a YES in her NO’: UP Police’s powerful message is bang on!

The Uttar Pradesh Police turned a popular meme into something meaningful, stressing the importance of consent in their recent #ANoMeansNo campaign.

What started as a meme to highlight a dilemma or internal struggle for situations when people say ‘no’ yet mean it a ‘yes’, has been turned into a wonderful message by the Uttar Pradesh Police. Recently, the UP Police’s social media team came up with a campaign where they suggested there are no double meanings when a woman says no. With a strong message, “Don’t fore fit your ‘yes’ in her ‘no’,” the cops shared the campaign on Saturday.

Netizens too were impressed by their social media campaign and used their creativity to push out some unique memes.

Earlier this week, the UP Police had used another clip to convey the message about consent and got a big thumbs up from the followers. The cops used a Tinder ad to note that if an app can understand the importance of it, why can’t the masses.