Elderly woman’s thoughts on how we misunderstood religious texts is a must read

People being divided on the lines of religions is not new. And in most of the case, to widen the gap and build a rift, many quote the religious scriptures to back their point. Which often let us wonder, are religious books a source of conflict or harmony? There have been many instances when people have argued that all the religion in the world speak of the same love and harmony and it is only misinterpretations that sour the relationship. But one post of an elderly woman has got everyone talking on Facebook.

Raghunandan TR, a former joint secretary of govt of India, shared a beautiful conversation between him and his mother over Quran. “Do you know what a progressive religion Islam is?” he quoted his mother saying after he told his Amma, he was an atheist and hence he hadn’t read it.

“For example, the status given to women as described in the Quran is high. You must read everything thoroughly to understand for yourself, whether you believe in it or otherwise,” the elderly woman added.

But what made this conversation beautiful is that how she stressed that the problem lies in the fact that people reading it don’t “understand it’s real meaning.”

She added that same can be said about followers of Hinduism and Christianity and in retrospect said, “Most people are fools”.

The post garnered a lot of appreciation and positive response and Netizens couldn’t agree more with his mother. One user wrote, “The day we start reading and understanding our respective religious scriptures there won’t be any inter-religious bigotry around.”