Expect a superscript from superstar Shah Rukh Khan for Netflix?

Sources say Shah Rukh Khan has joined his team of writers to pen a political thriller for Netflix

Three months after mid-day broke the news about Shah Rukh Khan bankrolling a political thriller for Netflix, the project seems to have taken an interesting turn. It has been heard that the superstar has gone beyond his role as a producer to turn writer for the web series.

A source reveals, “Khan, who is enjoying a self-imposed sabbatical since Zero (2018), has joined the writing team in scripting the show. He sits with the team, which includes renowned political columnists, to discuss the material every day. Given his vast knowledge of world politics, he comes up with scenes, referencing them from real-life events and the workings of the political dynasties around the globe. Whether he is taking credit for the concept or writing is yet to be known. However, the superstar has taken to writing keenly.”

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