Fight Karnataka Assembly elections on development agenda: PM Modi tells BJP workers

BJP workers and candidates in Karnataka must fight the May 12 Assembly elections on the development agenda of the NDA government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday. While addressing party workers via the NaMo mobile app, Modi said one should not be disheartened by the spread of false propaganda and lies by rival parties like the Congress.

“They do not want to discuss the issues of development because development is something that can be measured. We can measure what existed earlier and what exists now. This is not acceptable to the rival parties because they have always played politics on the basis of caste, creed and tradition,” he said.

While terming the offerings made to caste groups by rival parties as “lollipops”, the PM said, “They always offer a lollipop to some caste or community to lure them before the elections. By the time the next elections arrive, they will abandon this community and make someone else their target.”

“Can anyone deny the fact that the mainstream culture of India’s politics is linked to the lies and sins of the Congress party? The shortcomings in other parties are also due to the Congress culture. Unless we free mainstream politics of the Congress culture, I do not think we can purify politics in the country,” he added.

Stressing on the need to win the hearts and minds of the people, Modi told his party workers, “We want to fight the elections on the basis of development. We want to fight the polls based on the strength of the organisation. We want to win the confidence of the people and win the elections. We do not want to cheat people and will the electoral battle. If we win the hearts and the minds of the people, no one will be able to defeat us.”

“After losing in the last few elections, the Congress has been making false promises. Workers should not lose confidence. We have to fight on our principles and ideology,” he added.

The PM also shared details of projects related to road work, toilet construction and use of renewable energy in Karnataka ever since the BJP came to power at the Centre. He said, “The development of Karnataka is development to India.”

He also called upon voters to give BJP a clear mandate as rival parties are trying to send a message that the polls will throw up a hung assembly.