Forgot to buy your loved ones Christmas presents? Try these last-minute DIY ideas

It is the Yuletide spirit of Christmas and time to send gifts to your loved ones.

But with the coronavirus pandemic affecting Christmas, also known as the ‘Feast of Nativity’ of Jesus Christ, going to markets for gifts is unsafe and therefore, many are resorting to creating them at home.

Here are a few last-minute easy DIY (Do-it-Yourself) gift ideas for your loved ones.

Customised wall art

Christmas is about festivities, decorations, and the beautification of the house. A decorative item like wall art is, therefore, a good gifting option for the near and dear ones. All you need to do is take out some pictures from an old album and with the help of your own creativity arrange them in a hierarchical order. This gift will surely bring some beautiful flashbacks of precious memories with your loved one.

Fresh fruit basket

As Covid fear lingers, there is no greater gift than a promise of good health and immunity. Several fruit stores and even local vendors prepare traditional baskets of fresh fruits for gifting purposes. Besides that, you can prepare a gift basket by buying fruits in bulk and arranging them using your creativity.

Chocolate Christmas Tree

Chocolate is the best sweet that can bring a smile to anybody’s face and especially when it is Christmas time. Bring a small artificial Christmas tree (size as per your wish) and fill each layer of it with different chocolates (of your choice). Besides that, you can also draw a Christmas tree on a cardboard paper sheet and decorate it in the same way with your creativity.

Choco spoon candy

This gift will be the easiest to make yet unique. Prepare a chocolate ganache by heating up your favourite dark or white chocolate bars with a little cream and butter. Refrigerate the syrup for 20-30 minutes to let the liquid settle down. Take out a few spoons from your crockery set. Pour the ganache on the spoon’s surface and freeze them overnight. Decorate the same with choco chips and some cute ribbons. Don’t forget to wrap the same in a creative way.

Customised cushion

A soft and cozy cushion is what everyone needs to lean on after a restless day. Gift this customised cushion to your dear ones to make them think of you every time they take a nap. For preparing the same, you would require a white cushion cloth, on which you have to place a self-created cut-out of any pattern of your choice.

Paint the cloth unevenly. After that, remove the pattern, and see the magical transformation. Dry it to avoid any kind of a mess.

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