Gaurang Doshi responds to Flora Saini’s assault allegation, says he is being ‘victimised’

Actor Flora Saini had accused producer Gaurang Doshi of assaulting her back in 2007. Gaurang has now responded to those allegations and claims he is being victimised.
A few days ago, Stree actor Flora Saini wrote a Facebook post about being physically abused by producer Gaurang Doshi. Gaurang has now responded, saying he is being victimised.In a Facebook post, Gaurang wrote, “There you go… See how flora saini victimize me, put false allegation and gain publicity on my name. This is so brutal and cheap but I am a God blessed child. After these proofs all my loved ones to support me and protest against this…. JAI MATA DI Happy Navaratri??????”

After these proofs all my lived ones to support me and protest against this…. JAI MATA DI
Flora Saini shared a Facebook post on October 8 and it included two photos from 2007 which shows the actor with bruises on her face. Flora wrote that at the time she was dating Gaurang and came out of the relationship with a fractured jaw. The actor also said that no one believed her and she was even replaced from a few projects.

In the wake of #MeToo movement, several women from all walks of life have come forward with their stories and have accused powerful men of harassing them. Piyush Mishra, Subhash Ghai, Alok Nath and many others have been accused of harassment. After Tanushree Dutta came out with her allegations against Nana Patekar, many found the courage to speak openly.