“Give Peace A Chance”: Imran Khan’s Appeal After PM Modi’s Challenge

Pakistan premier Imran Khan on Sunday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “give peace a chance” and assured him that, true to his word, he will act immediately if New Delhi provides Islamabad with “actionable intelligence” on the Pulwama terror attack. The appeal came just a day after PM Modi threw a challenge to Mr Khan, asking him to act honourably by bringing to justice those behind the strike, if he was indeed a “Pathan’s son”.

Recalling his conversation with Mr Khan during a congratulatory call after he won the Pakistan elections, PM Modi said he told him “let us fight against poverty and illiteracy” and Mr Khan gave his word – saying he is a “Pathan’s son” who spoke and acted in truth. Pathans, an ethnic group with roots in Iran, are known for their deep sense of honour and self-respect.

PM Modi at the rally in Rajasthan also said, “There is consensus in the entire world against terrorism. We are moving ahead with strength to punish the perpetrators of terrorism… The scores will be settled this time, settled for good…This is a changed India, this pain will not be tolerated…We know how to crush terrorism.”

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