Godzilla vs Kong trailer: 5 key takeaways

The first trailer for Godzilla vs Kong is out, and social media users are already discussing which monster will come out on top. The majority of responses to the trailer are positive, and if the film is anything like the latest promo, it will be so much fun.

Here are five key takeaways from the trailer:

Godzilla is the villain?

In the trailer, it looks like Godzilla has gone rogue. We do not know the reason, but he appears to be destroying a city and killing people indiscriminately in several shots. Godzilla has so far been portrayed as a force for good in the MonsterVerse, and it is anybody’s guess what made him mad. But the world still has somebody who can stand against him.

Kong: Last hope of the world against Godzilla

It seems as though Kong is the last hope of humanity against Godzilla. Though he can be destructive when threatened, we know Kong does not hurt or kill people needlessly. But that is how we thought Godzilla was too.

The glimpses of the battle look stunning

We are shown a few shots of the titular brawl, and boy, they look amazing. Kong is more than holding his own against Godzilla, even succeeding to stop Godzilla’s most fearsome attack that can easily level cities — atomic breath. Kong seems to be wielding a defensive weapon that counters atomic breath and reportedly that weapon is made up of Godzilla’s own dorsal plates, thus the immense absorbing power.

Will Godzilla and Kong team up against a common enemy?

This seems too much like Batman v Superman, but this likely won’t be a simple one-on-one. There is likely more going on here. We see shots of Kong battling other Kaijus. Will the two unite against an alien threat that they cannot deal with alone? Even Ghidorah was an alien being.

The tone is fun and light

The best and most promising thing about the trailer is the light tone. Warner Bros and Legendary have learned their lesson after the debacle of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. This time, although the stakes are even higher, the tone is comparatively light-hearted, and the film appears to take inspiration from classic monster movies.

Godzilla vs Kong releases on March 26 in theatres around the world.

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