Google Doodle wishes Happy New Year with an adorable animation

Google welcomed the New Year with a new doodle . The company that is known for its awe-generating animations went all-out for their New Year’s Day doodle. Google first shared the doodle of an analogue cuckoo bird clock on New Year’s Eve while all the countries were a few hours away from welcoming 2021.

The doodle showed an analogue clock about to strike 12 and it was adorned with twinkling lights. The doodle also consisted of the other alphabets that make the word Google. After the entire world welcomed 2021 with open arms, the time on the clock changed to 12 and whenever one clicks on the doodle, the cuckoo bird comes out of its house to wish people a Happy New Year.

You can see the bird coming out of its house with confetti, then going back in and coming out to wish everyone a Happy New Year. If you hover your mouse over the doodle, it’s text on it reads, “New Year’s Day 2021.”

While explaining the doodle and the thought behind it, Google wrote, “The time has come to welcome the new, the clock strikes midnight and out comes the cuckoo! ‘All the best for the new year,’ the cuckoo bird chirps for all to hear! Happy New Year’s Day! (sic).” That was not all, to bring in the new year with a little extra flair, Google also arranged for a confetti popper.

Once you click on the doodle, it takes you to a different search page which is filled with colourful confetti. You can also click on the confetti popper to see the magic happen again. Small Pacific Islands of Samoa, Kiribati and Tonga were the first places to welcome in the New Year. After that, it was New Zealand and Australia with the rest of the world followed.

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