Google employees resigning over controversial drone programme

California: When you have a job with 762 billion dollar worth company, which is among the most valuable ones in the world, it is not easy to quit it; but some employees are doing exactly so over moral reasons.

Three months ago, the search giant entered into a contract with United States Defense Department to provide artificial intelligence to them for a controversial drone programme – Project Maven – through which the unmanned flying machine can automatically differentiate between the objects and people by analysing its own footage.

Some of the employees are not at ease with this project.

Having ethical concerns over giving so much power to a machine, about dozen of them are resigning in protest, according to Gizmodo.

In addition to this reason, they are also not happy with the search giant`s involvement in military work and lack of transparency in the firm regarding such decisions, which, according to them, could lead to erosion of trust at the user`s end.

Apart from these resignations, nearly 4,000 Google employees, in an internal petition, have expressed their opposition to Project Maven and urged the higher-ups to immediately cancel the contract and form a policy banning the company from taking up military work in future.

However, all this seems to have no effect on the top executives, as they have defended their work on the project. This is not all, the company may also bid for another Pentagon`s project – the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, a cloud computing contract.