Government’s Pakistan Policy A Disaster, Review Overdue, Congress Says

The Narendra Modi government’s foreign policy on Pakistan and China is a “disaster” and a review is overdue, the Congress said in its plenary session today. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh underscored the need for a dialogue and the party’s senior leader Anand Sharma accused the government of pursuing a “personalised national policy” instead of developing one that is based on broad consensus.

“With regard to Pakistan, we must recognize that Pakistan is our neighbor and a proper roadmap is needed to go forward. Both countries must sit together to iron out issues,” said Dr Singh, who had been the Prime Minister for a decade before the BJP won a sweeping victory in the 2014 general elections.

“Congress is of a considered view, that the BJP Government has no roadmap and its Pakistan policy has been a disaster. Review of the policy is overdue, and any successful policy can only be based on a national consensus with a focus on both current and long term objectives,” a resolution read.

Any successful policy can only be based on national consensus, with a focus on both current and long-term objectives, the party said.

Pointing out that successive governments formed by the Congress, starting with first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, had been “marked with continuity and backed by strong national consensus”, the party resolution accused the government of conducting the foreign policy in a “cavalier manner”. This, the party said, has ‘damaged India’s profile globally and undermined national interest,” the party’s resolution said.

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