Hardik Patel claims Vijay Rupani has resigned, Gujarat CM rubbishes it as ‘lies’

Gujarat Patidar leader Hardik Patel has claimed that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leadership has asked state CM Vijay Rupani to step down. However, Rupani rubbished Patel’s claims as ‘lies’ and ‘false rumours’.Hardik Patel told reporters in Rajkot that Rupani has already resigned after being asked to do during a Cabinet meeting. He went on to add that Rupani would be replaced by either a Patidar or Rajput leader.”Rupani had resigned yesterday during the cabinet meet. I am saying this with full confidence. Rupani was asked to resign because he has failed to handle the administration properly,” the 24-year-old quota agitation spearhead told reporters.”A new chief minister will be appointed within 10 days. The party (BJP) will chose either a Patidar or a Rajput as the new chief minister,” he further claimed.Responding to Patel’s claims, Vijay Rupani said there was no truth in them and that he will completed his full term.”Hardik is spreading blatant lies to be in media. I wonder if he is aware about the procedure that the resignation has to be handed over to the governor at Raj Bhawan, not in the cabinet meeting,” the Gujarat CM told reporters in Gandhinagar.



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