Helicopter Eela: Mumma Ki Parchai song sees Riddhi Sen complain about Kajol’s overprotective streak

Helicopter Eela’s new song Mumma Ki Parchai, released on 13 August, features Kajol and Riddhi Sen in a humourous light. Annoyed by his overprotective and, often overbearing, mother, Riddhi’s character sings the song as if like a rant to express how his mother’s presence is ‘everywhere’. Whether it be his social media, his attempts at playing FIFA with his friends, or his playlists, Kajol’s Eela literally hovers over her son all the time.

Amit Trivedi’s composition and Ronit Sarkar’s vocals give a light rock essence to the song, depicting the obvious teenage ‘angst’. Ronit, director Pradeep Sarkar’s son, had earlier said that recording the song was a blast and that he gelled famously with Riddhi on-set, where they jammed to several songs.

Kajol’s Eela is hilarious, both endearing and intolerable at moments, annoying his son as she tries desperately to fit in with his lifestyle and ideologies. In such a snippet, she offers to go for a film outing with his son, smartly adding, “It’s Avengers.”

Talking about the peculiar title of Helicopter Eela, Ajay Devgn, who is also a producer behind the project, had explained the meaning of the movie’s name. “Anand Gandhi narrated the story to me. So then I started rounding up my team.

I narrated it to Dada (Pradeep Sarkar) and that is how Eela was put into place. It was initially only titled Eela but then we came across this American concept of ‘helicopter parents’ who hover around their children all the time. In India, every mother is a helicopter mother so we named it Helicopter Eela,” said the actor.