Here’s Why Lata Mangeshkar Does Not Want To Listen To Atif Aslam’s Version Of Chalte Chalte

Remixing and rehashing old Bollywood music has become the trend these days. Add some new beats and a rap to the song and you’re good to go because it’s bound to hit at least a million views on YouTube and it will ultimately end up in every pub and club around the corner. I, personally feel extremely strongly about the lack of originality in Bollywood music these days, but turns out I’m not the only one. In the most recent lot of remixes and reprised versions, Lata Mangeshkar‘s iconic song Chalte Chalte from Pakeezah was recreated by Atif Aslam for the movie Mitron. Lata ji was clearly not happy with this development and spoke out about it in an interview with IANS.

Other than the legendary singer many others have also spoken out about the lack of originality and the manner in which these songs are being rehashed.While Atif’s reprised version of the song was one of the better ones and was extremely soulful, I really hope that this trend dies out soon enough and Bollywood comes up with more original content.

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