How Rajinikanth achieved his 2.0 looks, from Dr Vaseegaran to Chitti, in Shankar’s film

A new promotional video goes behind-the-scenes on how Rajinikanth’s different looks in 2.0 were achieved. As Dr Vaseegaran, the actor sports a beard, glasses and a different hairdo compared to his look as the robot Chitti. He also wears an armoured super hero suit of sorts as Chitti.

The clip shows Rajinikanth in a make-up chair as technicians create a muold of his head as well as a 3D computer figure of him which was used as reference. Producer Karan Johar shared the video on social media, writing that the film’s team “aims for perfection and nothing else.”

Besides, the cumbersome process of make-up and prosthetics the actor had to go through, the video also shows him performing action stunts and dance sequences on the sets.

Akshay Kumar, who plays the antagonist Crow Man, had previously shared a similar video of his transformation into the evil clawed-and-winged crow monster.

2.0 is the sequel to the 2010 film Robot/ Enthiran. The upcoming 3D film has reportedly spent a whopping Rs 543 crore on the VFX. Written and directed by S Shankar, 2.0 is set for worldwide release in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi on 29 November.