Joe Biden, set to take over as US President in Jan 2021, tweets urgent action needed on Covid-19

Amid the surge in coronavirus (Covid-19) infections in the United States, President-elect Joe Biden tweeted that urgent action is needed now by the current administration as he would take over next year.

“I am the president-elect, but will not be president until next year. COVID-19 does not respect dates on the calendar, it is accelerating right now. Urgent action is needed today, now, by the current administration,” Biden said in his tweet.

He said in his subsequent tweet that the coronavirus crisis “demands a robust and immediate federal response which has been woefully lacking”.

Biden, who has shown utmost concern towards the pandemic, announced a 12-member Covid-19 task force which would be responsible for formulation of several strategies to combat the disease once he takes office in January.

According to a report filed by The Conversation, some of the top priorities include managing rise in cases that are affecting a large portion of the country, increase in manufacture of PPE kits including N-95 masks and an equitable distribution of a safe, effective and free of cost coronavirus vaccine once available.

According to Worldometer figures, the United States has registered over 11 million Covid-19 cases till now out of which 249,975 have succumbed to the infection. It still continues to remain the worst hit globally.

Several states in the country have either re-imposed lockdowns or have opted to other measures such as limiting the size of gatherings, making businesses close early etc. With a view to revive the economy, Experts have said that strict but relatively short lockdowns could ultimately result in less economic pain than the half-measures being employed now.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump – who has been criticised for his handling of the pandemic – urged all American citizens to remain “vigilant.”

He also said vaccines would “arrive within a few weeks,” adding they were ready and merely awaiting approval – and would be given “to high-risk individuals right away.”

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