Jyothika on Kaatrin Mozhi, the dearth of female-centric films and why she admires Nayanthara, Keerthy Suresh

Ever since Jyothika made her comeback post-marriage with the 2015 superhit 36 Vayadhinile, she has been extremely careful about the kind of films she would like to be associated with and known for. “I have made my fair share of mistakes in my first innings. But now, I’ve left my growing-up kids and come for work. So, the film that I collaborate on should be really worth it and make me feel satisfactory,” said Jyothika in a group interaction ahead of the release of Kaatrin Mozhi on 16 November.

The film is an official remake of Hindi blockbuster Tumhari Sulu, which starred Vidya Balan in the lead role. Produced by Dhananjayan’s BOFTA Media Works, Kaatrin Mozhi marks the reunion of director Radha Mohan and Jyothika after their commercially and critically acclaimed 2007 hit Mozhi. “More often than not women-centric films are heavy, and Kaatrin Mozhi stands out in this aspect. The story is well-scripted with a blend of humour and emotion. How women can easily balance their work and life against the age-old conjecture that they cannot tread both is beautifully portrayed in this film,” said Jyothika, adding that the key element of the story is the husband and wife relationship which is presented without any cliches. “Unlike the typical husband characters from Tamil movies, this character Balakrishnan will be very supportive to his wife.”

Jyothika says she doesn’t have ample time to assemble a film although she has the luxury of choosing her own projects now. “I’m just choosing from the scripts I get. I am being selective and saying no to some scripts. I think at this point where rapes and caste killings are unfortunately making most of the news, the need for strong content that empowers women is needed,” she said.