Kajol asked fans to ask her anything. Shah Rukh Khan was the star of this show

Let’s just admit that the Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol jodi is the best thing that’s happened to Hindi cinema since, well, sliced bread! But then that’s what it is – an on-screen jodi.

Except fans don’t seem to get that. They want to watch them reunite on screen, and while that is quite understandable, some even go as far as to imagine if they’d make an equally amazing off-screen couple.

During a recent #AskKajol session on Instagram, the Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior actress was quizzed just that. And Kajol had the best response to this fan’s query.

A fan asked if she’d marry SRK if she hadn’t met Ajay Devgn. “Isn’t the man supposed to be proposing?” the Fanaa actress quipped.

Umm… not that we entirely agree with Kajol’s, let’s just say restrictive response, but we totally get why she said what she said.

And another fan question clears all doubts, if any. Kajol was asked who was her first crush and she said, “Married my first crush!”

There, people. Let Raj and Simran be on the silver screen.

Kajol was shot with back-too-back questions about Shah Rukh Khan, their relationship and if they will be seen together on screen anytime soon, and she answered them all gracefully, of course.

When asked to describe her best friend SRK in one word, she wrote, “Iconic” and we wouldn’t have been able to put it better.

Describing her special bond with her Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge co-star, Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol wrote, “Friends for life!”

And then there were questions about them getting back together on screen. Kajol dodged one urging her fan to #AskSRK, instead, but for another, she had a fitting response. A fan wrote, “Reunite with SRK so I can die happily.” Kajol’s savage response read, “I thought everyone wanted a long life.”

Kajol was also quizzed about her favourite co-star. And the choice invariably came down to Ajay, her Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior co-star, and Shah Rukh Khan, her Dilwale co-star. And she nailed the answer, too.

Clearly, SRK dominated Kajol’s QnA session. Maybe next time Raj and Simran could host one together. What say?

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