Kapil Sharma’s Ex Preeti Says ‘He is Getting Suicidal Thoughts,’ Blames New Girlfriend For Everything

Reacting to Kapil Sharma’s abusive Twitter rant following Salman Khan’s conviction in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case, his former girlfriend Preeti Simoes has said that she is extremely worried for the comedian’s mental health and was shocked to hear “such condescending way of talking about women.”

Preeti, who has known Kapil for about eight years, told HT in an interview that she and Kapil had been together for years but never did he once use foul language against her.
“I’ve spoken to him many times, he has messaged me and visited me and I’ve realised that he’s not the same man that he was a year ago. It’s not just depression.. it could be bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. He’s getting suicidal thoughts. I’ve seen a very different him. Whoever has done this to him, I really want to say, ‘give up, move out, and take him to a rehab and give the poor man a chance to live,'” Simoes told HT.

Preeti further said that she believed it was Kapil’s new girlfriend Ginni Chatrath who posted all those controversial tweets from the comedian’s account.
“I am hoping it’s not Kapil who has posted these tweets. The Kapil I know is a very intelligent, bright, young and dynamic man. It’s most certainly his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath or maybe some friend. And if this is what Ginni and her one year with Kapil has brought him to, I feel sorry for both of them,” she said.

On Friday, Kapil filed a police complaint against his former managers Preeti and Neeti Simoes and a journalist, who heads an entertainment website, for defaming him in digital media.

Preeti and Neeti were also the creative directors of his previous TV show The Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil’s complaint also targeted a particular website headed by the journalist, which he accused, “launched a malicious propaganda to defame him in digital media”.

According to the complaint, six months ago a person approached the comedian’s close associate and asked for Rs 25 lakh to prevent some extremely damaging content about Kapil from being published on an entertainment news portal.

After Sharma refused to give in to the demand, the portal started posting “false, malicious and personal” content about his career, finance and relationships.

The actor said his personal information was leaked to show him in “negative and poor light”. The complaint was filed by Kapil’s lawyer at Oshiwara police station in suburban Andheri.

The complaint comes after Kapil went on an ugly, full-blown abusive rant on Twitter on April 6, defending Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. The tweets were later deleted from his account. It was then revealed that his account was hacked. Kapil, however, later admitted that he himself had written that string of tweets laden with expletives.

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