Karisma Kapoor finds Indian attire timeless

Karisma Kapoor has been on the movie marquee since the 1990s. A lot has changed since then, not just in terms of the movies, but also in terms of fashion and style, on the big screen and off it. In her years in front of the camera and those away from it, the actress has never looked out of place. Clothes, hair, accessories, make-up, there’s nothing that’s ever contributed to her having a bad day — be it on the red carpet, at the airport or any other place or occasion. Karisma never fails to impress the fashion police.

When asked what her secret is, she told BT, “I’m someone who’s game for timeless dressing. Classic chic defines my sense of style. I strongly advocate it, too, because you can seldom go wrong with. For an Indian woman, a sari is the most beautiful piece of clothing; it’s something that never fades out of fashion and there’s a perfect one for every occasion. Indian dressing is just ageless. You can also wear a nice, comfortable salwar-kameez and look extremely graceful. Apart from that, I think an LBD paired with heels has always looked beautiful on women.”