Marvel just screened 10 minutes of Avengers Endgame footage; here are the major reveals

The plot of Avengers: Endgame is still pretty obscure. The footage that Marvel Studios screened to a few lucky members of the press has revealed several tidbits to chew on until the film hits the screens. The film releases on April 26.

Marvel Studios screened 10 minutes of footage from Avengers: Endgame to a few lucky members of the press. The plot of Endgame is still pretty obscure and we know only what we expected after that shocking ending of Avengers: Infinity War — that the remaining superheroes are going to band together to take down Thanos and bring their friends back.

The footage has revealed several tidbits to chew on until the film hits the screens. It contains two scenes. The first scene shows Tony Stark and Nebula on the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Benatar. The two, we know from the trailers, are stranded in space, though they do eventually make it back to earth somehow.

The footage shows Tony adding in his message to Pepper Potts about the possibility of running out of oxygen. He also tells Pepper in the message that Nebula helped him recover from his wounds that he sustained in the battle with Thanos. He says he got an infection but is slowly recovering.

Tony adds they have repaired the ship to make it serve them a little longer. In one of the TV spots of the movie, we did see Tony and Nebula hard at work on something. Another scene shows them playing paper football, which appears to be the opening scene of the movie. After all that they have done, Tony expects himself and Nebula to die. They are simply too far from any potential help. He makes dire predictions in his message to Pepper. He says as he dies, he will think of her.

The next scene shows Nebula on earth. Interestingly, there is no Tony Stark in the scene. There are, however, Steve Rogers, Rocket, Thor, Black Widow, Rhodey, and Bruce Banner. Carol Danvers, who is on earth due to Nick Fury’s final message, is ready to fight Thanos already. When Bruce wonders why it will not be the same conclusion when they fought him the last time, Danvers says the Avengers have her now.

Nebula, meanwhile, reveals she is aware of Thanos’ current location. After the snap, Thanos is seen on a distant planet, doing what he always wanted to do after fulfilling his destiny — farming. We saw as much in the first trailer for Endgame. Nebula talks of ‘The Garden’, where the Mad Titan can be found.

The Avengers’ plan is to use the Infinity Stones to undo the snap. The stones, it appears, are still functional, and not “spent” as many thought after the snap. The superheroes detected an energy spike similar to the one during the snap, and this is helping them pinpoint his exact location. The second spike might have been Thanos simply escaping Wakanda.

The Avengers, pretty early into the movie, head in the space to find Thanos. This is consistent with what we thought in the latest clip from the movie that the Avengers will fight Thanos at least twice, perhaps having been defeated the first time.

Avengers: Endgame releases on April 26.

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