Mathematician Anand Kumar: I am under attack because Super 30 is being made on me

As controversies plague him, Anand Kumar says Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 will silence detractors

“People want to take selfies with me now, but I will always remain a tutor,” begins mathematician Anand Kumar, whose success story has led to the creation of Hrithik Roshan- starrer Super 30. No sooner was the film announced than the Patna-based tutor — who founded the institute that provides free coaching to 30 underprivileged students — was dogged with allegations of fraud and litigations.

“I am under attack only because a film is being made on my life,” he defends, adding, “The Bihar government has given me security cover. My brother Pranav was hit by a heavy vehicle last year; it was not an accident, it was deliberate. There are a handful of people with feudal mindset who are hell- bent on pulling me down. But the film will silence my detractors.”

It is easy to see why his journey may have caught the attention of many a filmmaker. Writer Sanjeev Dutta approached him eight years ago, keen to adapt his story for the big screen. “Anurag Basu showed interest then, but nothing moved. Things took off when producer Madhu Mantena came into the picture. It was through him that I met Hrithik Roshan. He told me he needed a year to prep for the role.”

Quiz him if Roshan is an unlikely choice for the part since he doesn’t physically resemble him, and Kumar retorts, “Isn’t acting all about diving into the character? I admire him as an actor.”

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