Mehreen Pirzada detained at US airport in wake of Tollywood prostitution racket; actress issues statement

Telugu actress Mehreen Pirzada was off for a vacation in the US and Canada recently. While travelling from Vancouver to Las Vegas with family, she was allegedly questioned for hours and her belongings went through a close examination by the US immigration officials.

Ever since the unravelling of a Telugu film industry sex racket in the US, the authorities are keeping a close watch at the airport.

She said, “When I was going through immigration, on finding out that I am an actress in the Telugu movie industry, I was questioned by the US Border officials as to the reason why I was travelling in the United States. The officials then told me about the scandal which was the first that I heard about it.

On finding out that I have nothing to do with the said issue, the officials apologised to me and let me travel without any further problems. I came out publicly regarding the incident for the sake of propriety as I felt it’s best that I make a statement before anyone else assumes otherwise.”

Giving her views on the high profile sex racket, Pirzada added,”It pains me that the actions of a few bad people have tarnished the image of vibrant and thriving industry. I hope the perpetrators of this scandal are punished as they deserve to be.”

Pirzada will be seen next in the upcoming film Pantham, which stars Gopichand in the lead. The film is slated to hit the screens on 6 July.