Mohanlal on Lucifer: I am very happy with Prithviraj’s work

Actor Mohanlal said director Prithviraj has envisioned Lucifer better than screenwriter Murali Gopy.
At a press conference held recently in Dubai, Malayalam superstar Mohanlal said he agreed to do Lucifer under the direction of Prithviraj as he was able to see how passionate the actor-director was about filmmaking.

“This is my 40th year in the industry and I have done more than 350 films. Since I started understanding cinema better, I was able to identify people who love cinema. Even as I have not acted along with him, I have known Prithviraj since he was young. He is very passionate about films,” Mohanlal said.

“I saw a spark in the script written by Murali Gopy and when Prithviraj narrated it, I realised that he can do it. And he has succeeded doing that. From my experience as an actor, I am very happy with the film. All the characters in the film were well looked after by our director Prithviraj,” he added.Mohanlal said Prithviraj has envisioned the film better than Murali Gopy. “Lucifer will be a very good entertainer which everyone would like. The way this film is treated is very different,” he added.

Lucifer is due in cinemas on March 28.