Nick Jonas’ phone wallpaper proves he still can’t get over the first time he saw Priyanka Chopra – pic inside

Just how mushy are Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra as a couple!  I mean, no compliants there…each to their own we say and PC has always maintained how she is super mushy as she had once said,  I’m super mushy, and I think why not? You know, when you love someone or when you care about somebody, making them feel special and giving attention is the most important thin.” So it comes as no surprise why the lovebirds, who are soon getting married are constantly seen indulging in PDA and letting the world know what they mean to each other. But you will amazed to know how Nick has gone a step ahead of PC, when it comes to ‘mushy’ romance…

Proving to be one die-hard romantic who has his eyes only for his bae, Nick has saved Priyanka’s pic as his wallpaper and mind you, it’s not any random picture of her. Nick has specifically picked PC’s sexiest pic from the MET Gala, 2016, the first time they actually met and walked the red carpet together. Check it out below! PS: Kudos to the fanclub for actually cracking this pic on his wallpaper which is barely visible.

Word is that Nick and Priyanka have already got their marriage license in the United States. As reported by The Blast, the couple showed up  at the Beverly Hills Courthouse last week and did all the paperwork to obtain a marriage license. The report also suggests that Nick and PC further plan on bringing the license to India for their wedding in December and then eventually file the license in the U.S. to make their marriage official in both the countries.

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