No Ganesh Chaturthi celebration for the Kapoors this year?

The Kapoor family Christmas and Ganesh Chaturthi are celebrations that even fans of the family look forward to. This year, however, the family will not be celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at RK Studios.

It was in August 2018 that the Kapoor family had jointly decided that they would be selling RK Studio, founded by Raj Kapoor. The Kapoor family, including Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor, would every year visit the studio in Chembur and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with great zeal. But now that the studio has been sold, things might change this year onwards.

Veteran actor Randhir Kapoor had previously said that though RK Studio is now not available for the celebration, the family would probably look at another venue to continue the celebration. Now, however, there may be a change in plans.

Randhir Kapoor told The Times Of India, “That was the last Ganesh Chaturthi celebration for us. RK Studios hi nahi raha… to kahan karenge? Papa (Raj Kapoor) started the tradition 70 years ago with a lot of love for the Trunk God, but now, we don’t have a place where we can hold the celebrations the way we did at RK Studios. We all love Bappa and have immense faith in him, but I guess, we can’t continue with the tradition anymore.”

The decision to sell off RK Studio was taken when the studio was gutted in a fire last year. The family decided that rebuilding it will not be economically viable.

Ranbir Kapoor had said in an event recently, “RK Studios was RK Studios because of my grandfather. He built the studio because of his films and talent. Of course, you feel sad that the studio will not be there anymore, but I think, RK is more in the spirit and that is something I would really like to take forward. I would like to take the legacy forward, in producing film and making movies.”

RK studio was sold to Godrej Properties, part of the Godrej group. Randhir Kapoor had said about the decision, “This property in Chembur has been of tremendous significance to my family over the many decades that R K Studios has operated from there. We have chosen Godrej Properties to script a new chapter for this location and build upon its rich history.”

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