Pia Sukanya: You put all your heart and soul into your debut film

Director Pia Sukanya makes her debut with the quirkily titled film ‘Bombairiya’, which releases today. She is a trained classical singer and she’s turned her sense of rhythm to film direction, too. Speaking about the experience of making her very first feature film she says, “First films are always special, not just because they’re memorable, but also because you put all your heart and soul into the project. You prepare for your first film for three to four years, if not more. You give everything that you have to your debut project and no matter how many films you make later on in your career, you will never be able to put the same kind of blood and sweat into another project.”

Pia’s husband Michael E Ward, a lyricist and has penned The Far Pavilions musical in the West, is also the producer of the film. She reveals that the unusual title came from his creativity. She says, “After Michael heard Arko Pravo’s song Bairiya, he was curious as to what the word meant. A few days after we explained to him the meaning, he came back to me with the acronym ‘Bombairiya’. We thought it was the perfect title for this story based on the frenetic life in Mumbai.”