Pooja Bhatt on releasing Cabaret online, working with Alia in Sadak 2, and making a documentary on father Mahesh

It is a significant year for Pooja Bhatt as both a producer and an actress. After being stalled for two years, her production Cabaret recently premiered on a digital platform. The actress-filmmaker, who began her career with tele-film Daddy (1989), will also get back in front of the camera after 18 years with Sadak 2, opposite Sanjay Dutt and alongside sister Alia Bhatt. But at the moment, she is more than happy to see the Richa Chadda-starrer on the web, and tells us why the film was not released in the theatres, what prompted her to go on an OTT platform, working on the Sadak sequel, a documentary on Mahesh Bhatt’s life, and more.

It is not a step down. In fact, it is going to give this movie a longer shelf life. My launch happened on television with Daddy (1989) and people told dad (filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt) why are you launching your daughter on television, make a feature film with her, but he was adamant. He said the kind of story it is we want maximum people to watch it. It was not about the medium but the story has to reach the people. Earlier, he had also made Janam (1985, with Kumar Gaurav) for television, and someone who has treated the medium with reverence and respect it was my father. Which is why today when I release my feature film on a digital platform and people tell me that it should be ideally enjoyed on big screen, that is a compliment and that is what every filmmaker needs to keep in their mind as their yardstick and their bare minimum. You cannot treat digital medium as a dumping ground and put some sub-standard stuff on it. This is an exciting beginning. I want to go back to my roots, I want to go back to that kind of cinema that my father is known to make, a simple story that moved the audience. I want to pick up bold, new and innovative subjects and break new grounds.