Priyanka Chopra among People’s 25 Women Changing the World

Priyanka Chopra has always evoked a sense of inspiration ever since she stepped into the limelight. Her celebrity status has been more than just films but it has also been about encouraging people and breaking the glass ceiling. She directed her influence in making the world a better place and is now amongst the list of ’25 Women Changing the World’ by People Magazine.

International icon Priyanka Chopra joins the new wave of inspiring activists along with Sophia Bush, Sarah Ullman-Film maker, Lena White (Advocate for LGBT community), all of whom have made a difference by passionately pursuing the causes they believe in. Having grown up in a household with doctor parents who served in the Indian army, Priyanka won the Miss World title and decided to make a difference on a global scale at the tender age of 18.

For 12 years, Priyanka has worked with UNICEF as a global Goodwill Ambassador, visiting places in need like Zimbabwe, India’s Mumbai slums and she recently visited the refugees in Bangladesh. In an official statement, she said, “The field trips are the most special, because you meet incredible kids and survivors. That has been one of my joyous moments, being able to help advocate children’s rights and children’s welfare around the world. That moved me so much in being able to go to places where these kids have no voice or no one listening to them, and actually shedding light on that”.

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