Redditor shares picture of polished car. Can you spot it at first glance?

If you have been around the Internet for long, chances are you have seen the illusion or puzzle posts which keep people busy. It won’t be wrong to point that there is an entertainment value attached to such posts. One may even say that solving these puzzles brings a certain kind of satisfaction to many. This image of a polished car, shared on Reddit, is the latest inclusion to that category. There’s a high possibility that the post will leave you intrigued and amused, all at the same time. You also may have to look twice (thrice or four times actually) to understand what is happening in the picture.

“I polished my car yesterday,” reads a portion of the caption of the post. Take a look at the image to see how quickly you can spot the car.

By now you must have located the vehicle and there is a chance that after doing so you can’t stop saying “wow.” Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many Redditors had the same reaction.

“For a second I thought something floated,” wrote a Redditor. “You made your car invisible. Good job,” said another. “What car?” joked a third. “Was looking for the car,” confessed a fourth. An individual just wrote one word to describe the scene captured in the image, “camouflage.”

How long did it take you to spot the car?

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