Road to Game of Thrones season 8: Jon Snow’s journey on the show

Jon Snow has emerged as a compelling, if fairly traditional, hero in the later seasons, thanks in no small part to Kit Harington blossoming into a genuinely fine actor.

Even though HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones has never been a traditional story like The Lord of the Rings with focus on one major character and a large supporting cast, but in the last few seasons, there can be no two ways about the fact that Jon Snow has become the central protagonist.

Previously pretty one-note (as compared to books), Jon Snow has emerged as a compelling if fairly traditional hero in later seasons, thanks in no small part to Kit Harington blossoming into a genuinely fine actor.

Jon Snow was introduced as an angsty young man at Winterfell who feels unwanted in his own home. Assuming himself to be a bastard son and fed up of Lady Catelyn’s continuous rude behaviour towards him, he makes peace with the truth that he will never be a lord or even something equivalent to it. This is why he enlists himself in the Night’s Watch, believing it to be full of brave warriors who man the biggest man-made structure in the world and face threats that even anointed knights would not balk at.

However, he finds himself among thieves, rapists and murderers who have been sent to the Wall as a sort of penance. The Wall has a climate that is akin to our world’s Siberia. The food is bad. And if that weren’t enough, beyond the Wall live the wildlings, Westeros’ version of barbarians. To top it all, there is a new threat rising — a threat that has not been seen for thousands of years.

Things continue to become worse and worse for Jon as his father, then his brother and his half-mother are murdered all thanks to the Lannisters. Jon wants to exact vengeance, but the brothers of Night’s Watch swear vows to not concern themselves with the affairs of the rest of the realm. They cannot marry and have children. The only family they have is other brothers of the Night’s Watch.

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