Sameera Reddy on her C-section: Stitches hurt like mad

Sameera Reddy started her campaign, Imperfectly Perfect, and as a part of it after five days of delivering the baby, she shared a picture of herself and how it feels like

Five days after delivering a baby girl, Sameera Reddy has shared her postpartum journey on Instagram. The actress calls it to be a part of her Imperfectly Perfect campaign. Sameera says it’s hard on the body when it’s a C-Section because her stitches “hurt like mad”.

On Thursday, Sameera Reddy shared a photograph of herself and wrote a note alongside her photograph and described her postpartum journey. “As part of my imperfectly perfect campaign I promised I’d share my postpartum journey so here goes. It’s really damn hard on the body when it’s a C-Section because the stitches hurt like mad,” Sameera wrote.

She further added, “Nothing can ready you for the sleepless nights of endless feeding and your body just feels so out of whack it can really get you down.” Even after delivering the baby, her bump is still there and she explained it saying, “Tummy swelling takes a while to go and this is day 5 post-delivery.”

The Musafir actress also added that she is thrilled to have her daughter in her arms. “But I can’t help but feel hormonally challenged because of all the changes. It all bounces back and that’s the silver lining!” she said.

Sameera shared the news of her daughter’s arrival on July 12. The Tezz actress married businessman Akshai Varde in 2014. She delivered her first child, a son named Hans, in 2015.

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