Sara Ali Khan: Kedarnath is an extremely honest film

Sara Ali Khan is all set to make her Bollywood debut with Kedarnath. Set in the backdrop of the 2013 Uttarakhand floods, the film stars Sushant Singh Rajput in the lead role. Helmed by Abhishek Kapoor, Kedarnath will hit screens on December 7. Ahead of the release, Sara Ali Khan sat down for an exclusive chat with

Talking about the film, Sara said, “It is an extremely honest film that is set in a unique world. We have seen nothing like this before. Gattu sir (Abhishek) has envisioned a very different world. Also, it is a very beautiful story. Sushant has done exceptional work. Kedarnath has an innocence and purity.”

As she mentioned Sushant Sinsh Rajput, we asked Sara was he a supporting co-actor or a ragging senior. With a smile, the 25-year-old said, “Sushant was always there for me. Somebody who has done this amount of work and of that quality, it would have been easy for him to be arrogant. But Sushant was not. He is just amazing. There was never a moment of arrogance or seniority. It was always pure help from his side. The love and camaraderie that we built was just amazing. I feel privileged to have done my first film with Sushant.”

Sara Ali Khan further added that Sushant and director Abhishek were like two peas in a pod. The actor said, “It was a very three-way dynamic between us. They would have these silent conversations, and I would be like, what’s happening here (laughs). But there would be times when Gattu sir would tell Sushant, ‘Samjha de usse’ and he would get on the job of explaining me the scenes. They have a great bond and it made the shoot more fun. It was quite a positive and happy environment throughout.”

The film also courted controversies when its earlier producers moved out mid-way. Director Abhishek has stated that no one wanted to even invest in the film post that. Sharing that the developments left her shaken, Sara said, “It was very scary. Whenever you are attached to anything, there’s nervousness, fear and anxiety involved. We all go through it. And being my debut project, it is most special to me. And the probability or even the slightest possibility of something not going right with it, was daunting. We are all good people who have done an honest work with Kedarnath, and somewhere I knew it will all sort out.”

Kedarnath has been bankrolled by Ronnie Screwvala’ RSVP and Guy in the Sky Pictures.