Satyajeet Dubey: Sanju sir broke the ice on first day by giving me jaadu ki jhappi

Satyajeet Dubey talks about playing Sanjay Dutt’s on-screen son in Prasthanam

Essaying Sanjay Dutt’s younger son in Prasthanam, Satyajeet Dubey is a key player in the drama that focuses on the political ambitions of a family. Elated as he was to bag the part, the youngster admits that he was initially nervous about sharing screen space with the senior actor. “I was awestruck when I met him at the Sanjay S Dutt Productions office. But Sanju sir broke the ice by giving me a jaadu ki jhappi. He told me that he had liked my work in Kerry On Kutton (2016),” recounts Dubey.

Given the theme of the Deva Katta-directed venture, the actor acknowledges that the shoot was an emotionally draining affair. “Sometimes, I would shiver as it used to be exhausting, emotionally as well as physically. Sanju sir used to observe me quietly. Finally, one day, he sat me down and said, ‘Beta, you need to learn how to switch on and switch off, or else you won’t be able to create a volume of work as an actor.'”

The shoot proved to be a test of his physical prowess too — Dubey filmed the Lucknow schedule despite having strained his shoulder muscle. “Shooting with a busted shoulder and an injured nose was not easy. But Sanju sir and Ali [Fazal] were so perfect in every shot that I had to will myself to match up to their energy level.”

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