Sayantani Ghosh confirms being in an ‘untagged’ relationship with Anugrah Tiwari

TV actress Sayantani Ghosh has confirmed being in a relationship, although she doesn’t wish to give it a tag. After a long time of singlehood, Ghosh confirmed that she is seeing someone named Anugrah Tiwari. The boy hails from the fitness industry and that is how Ghosh and Tiwari met in a gym six years ago. Talking about her relationship with Tiwari to Bombay Times, Sayantani said, “Since my parents live in Kolkata, Anugrah is my family away from family, and a companion. We are best friends, who are extremely supportive of each other. He is special, but I can’t give our relationship a name, yet. I don’t want to tag it socially for the heck of it. We are in a happy and peaceful space together. It’s a meaningful relationship and hereon, whatever decision we take, will be for a better future, and I am positive about it. It’s good for two people to grow together.”

Sayantani further revealed that she has no plans to get married. On being probed, the actress stated, “I guess, we are still discovering each other. Sometimes, an independent mind can lead to a lot of complications in your thinking. It’s not always right or wrong. We aren’t thinking about marriage yet, and are taking each day as it comes. At the moment, I am married to my work.”

She further added that her family wants her to get married, however, they don’t want her to rush into anything. “I come from a middle-class family in Kolkata, and my mother has always dreamed of seeing me married. Besides, one also tends to think of the age factor and biological clock. My parents want me to have a companion, but at the same time, they don’t want me to rush into anything. I don’t want to marry just because of age. If that was the case, I would have settled down by now. I want to marry, but for the right reason. Also, being independent was my first priority,” she said.

Sayantani also spoke about her past relationship which was with an actor who was quite elder to her. She said age differences led to their break up. “I guess, I was too young. I have matured over the years and my outlook towards life changed. My parents, too, were uncomfortable. Sometimes, people grow apart. It was my call to end it. I have immense respect for him and that relationship was one of the most defining phases of my life. He was not just a beau; he was also a guardian, someone I grew up with. He is still a well-wisher and I, too, wish him the best. Looking back, I feel that had it ended sooner, it would have been better, because I am extremely emotional. It takes me long to detach myself. Today, I have a more evolved perspective towards love, relationships and marriage.”

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