See, Assam has done this, says Madhya Pradesh minister on shutting down madrasas

Madhya Pradesh Culture Minister Usha Thakur said all terrorists have studied in madrasas, championing for the suspension of government funds to madrasas. “All fundamentalists and terrorists of the country have grown up in madrasas. Children are children and students are students. So I believe students of all religions should be collectively given the same education. See, Assam has done this. Religion-based education is increasing fanaticism and spreading hatred,” the minister said.

“What culture are they (madrasas) teaching? If you are a citizen of this country, then you see all fundamentalists and terrorists have grown in madrasas. Jammu and Kashmir was made a factory of terrorists,” she added.

Those who want religious education can obtain it at their own expense, as the Constitution gives them this right, the minister said.

“Government’s financial assistance to madrasas must stop. The Wakf Board is economically the strongest organisation in the world and it would take care of funding for madrasas,” she said.

Assam has recently decided to shut down state-run Madrasad and sanskrit tols and convert them to regular schools to bring uniformity in the education system.

(With agency inputs)

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